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PHORCYS’ expertise

PHORCYS’ areas of expertise are climate change and economic instruments. We are mainly involved in training, capacity building, strategy and policy development for more than a decade. We work closely with our clients, to ensure the best results. Please contact us if you like more information or for our international references.

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Independent consultancy on climate change

PHORCYS is an independent consultancy firm, based in the Netherlands. We have been involved in climate change issues for more than a decade. We have performed various assignments for the Dutch government or international organisations. Before forming PHORCYS, we have worked on assignments for the World Bank (China), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (Bulgaria), the European Investment Bank and the Dutch government.

We had an identification mission to Moscow to prepare the Terms of Reference for an energy efficiency project in public buildings in the Russian Federation. Last year, we performed an evaluation study regarding energy efficiency loans for the European Investment Bank.